Dropped Object Management

Committed to achieving incident-free operations
As a leading global Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) solution provider in the oil and gas industry, we provide a range of dropped object management and inspection services, to prevent injury to personnel and damage to offshore and onshore assets. These services are fine-tuned according to the industry best practices and in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.
At Axess Group, safety is our top priority. We do not simply accept dropped objects as an inherent workplace hazard, in fact, we believe that the risks can be managed. As a result, we have meticulously designed our solutions such as personnel training, DROPS manuals, and program delivery and verification. In addition, our Bridge software has an eDROPS module that is developed to ensure cost-effective, methodical planning as well as execution of surveys and strategies focused on dropped objects prevention and management.

We are committed to providing comprehensive dropped objects safety solutions. Dropped object management and inspection services can be integrated with our Total Rig Integrity Management (TRIM) concept, thus, equipping our clients with multi-skilled personnel capable of executing a wide range of jobs while mobilised.

Together with our team of experienced inspectors and specialists, we endeavour to optimise your production by eliminating incidents involving dropped objects and help our partners effectively and efficiently save lives, costs and time.

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