Litigation and Arbitration

An international network of experts at your disposal
To strengthen our clients’ cases in dispute resolution such as litigation or arbitration, we focus on bringing supporting facts and evidence.

Litigation and arbitration services

We support our clients by mobilising cross-disciplinary teams of engineers and consultants and engaging closely throughout all steps of the process.

Typically, our services include, but are not limited to:
Scrutiny of documentation
and data records
Various field services
and surveys of assets
Preparation of expert

Expert Witness

In the event where an unforeseen lawsuit or workplace incident occurs, we assist our clients by providing a comprehensive evaluation, inspection and key information necessary to form an objective expert opinion. As an expert witness, we harness our deep industry knowledge and practical engineering experience in assessing existing documents, preparing expert reports, performing site inspection and equipment testing and establishing effective dispute resolutions.


Our firm grasp on local and international laws and regulations including Norwegian, GOM and Brazilian, gives us an edge in understanding compliance challenges and developing appropriate solutions.

We execute complete desktop review and on-site compliance surveys to ensure adherence to relevant regulatory requirements, identify gaps in the technical compliance of offshore assets, as well as deliver comprehensive compliance insights, audits and advice.

Accident Investigations

Working in the industrial sector involves operational risks which may result in various unforeseen accidents and potential lawsuits.

In the event that an unfortunate incident occurs, we conduct thorough root-cause, event tree and FMEA analyses, to ensure a complete and objective accident investigation. We also assist asset owners and financial institutions in determining the impact of the subsequent downside of failure and devising measures to mitigate the reoccurrence of undesired accidents and their consequences.

Document Review

Document review and desktop surveys can be carried out as a standalone service or a complementary service in preparation for a more comprehensive offshore inspection and case review. Document review is an important part of due diligence processes as well as litigation and arbitration matters.


We provide tailored personnel training in technical topics in relation to arbitration cases, claims adjusting and other general needs.

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