Elevator Inspection and Certification

Axess Group has extensive experience in the inspection of elevators, or lifts, according to maritime rules and in later years, experience with maintenance and modifications. We also have the relevant knowledge and skills to ensure that our clients’ elevators operate in compliance with the standards and regulations of the region that they are located in.

Elevator inspection, certification and maintenance services

With a global team of qualified inspection specialists and engineers, we provide our clients with the relevant regulatory knowledge and expertise to carry out the following services for elevators:

  • Regular assessment of elevators and their components
  • Elevator certification, recertification and approvals
  • Thorough inspection and examination of equipment performance
  • Periodic maintenance of elevators
  • Equipment upgrades and modifications
  • Equipment specification and deliveries
  • Regulatory compliance and standards
  • Consultancy

Elevator inspections can be carried out together with other services we offer, such as lifting equipment inspection, to improve operational performance.

Elevator inspection and maintenance are typically based on the following standards and regulations:

Axess Group holds the ISO9001:2015 certification, LEEA approval, and approval according to the Norwegian work regulation. We undergo annual audits by DNV, Norsk Sertifisering and Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA).

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