Brazilian Compliance

Ensure full compliance with Brazilian regulations
With extensive experience and full understanding of Brazil’s unique regulatory environment for offshore installations, Axess Group is well-positioned to help you comply to Brazilian regulations when operating in their waters. This prevents you from facing any unexpected shutdown or delays resulting from non-compliance.
We have over 90 offshore assets in our reference list globally, including drilling rigs, Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and support vessels.

Our team of certified Brazilian CREA engineers based in Brazil, North America and Asia, allow us to mobilise at short notice at an affordable cost.

Brazilian compliance services

As not all of the technical requirements are clearly specified, different auditors may have different understanding and interpretation of the requirements. In addition, some of the requirements are informed only on technical notes or laws. With a full understanding of the varied interpretations, we are able to advise on the following:

Normas Regulamentadoras

We provide consultancy and site inspections for all the applicable NRs, with focus on the most labour-intensive scopes:

  • Electrical (NR 10)
  • Equipment and Machines (NR 12)
  • Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Piping (NR 13)
  • Safety Signalling (NR 26/30)
  • Offshore Requirements (NR 37)


Our support and consultancy services will help you meet the requirements of the Brazilian Maritime Authority (Navy), including the specific requirements for marine systems (NORMAM 01) and the certification of helideck (NORMAM 27).


We provide guidance towards the environmental agency requirements, including Law 9966.


We provide instructions for adequacy to the specific requirements related to health and hygiene.

Additionally, to tailor to our clients’ needs and preferences, we have developed a modular programme that offers additional scope increments related to Brazilian Compliance tasks, such as:

  • Design review for the identification of non-conformities early on the design stage
  • Review of purchase orders and technical requirements of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Workshop to introduce the client to the Brazilian requirements and present solutions and samples from other offshore rigs
  • Inspections of helideck, marine and safety systems
  • Execution of pressure tests as required in the NR-13 regulation
  • Calibration of instruments (pressure relief valves (PRVs, pressure safety valves (PSVs), pressure gauges, transmitters, etc.) in compliance with the Brazilian Institute of Metrology
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services, e.g. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement for the integrity verification requested in the NR-13 regulation
  • Ex inspection for Hazardous Areas
  • Thermography inspection
  • Due diligence on suppliers, e.g. audit, sample inspection
  • Fabrication of posters, plates and stickers in dual language (English/Portuguese) as required by the Brazilian Maritime Authority
  • Fabrication of pipe marking according to Brazilian Technical norms
  • Specification of personal protective equipment (PPEs), collective protective equipment (CPEs), etc
  • Restoration of technical documents and calculation
  • Extended piping inspection planning based on risk
  • Audit follow up to be the client representative and clarify any queries immediately avoiding non-conformity

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