Provision of Brazilian Regulatory Compliance services to over 100 offshore installations

MOLDE, Norway, January 5, 2023 – This year marks a significant milestone for Axess Group, as the company has now provided Brazilian Regulatory Compliance (BRC) services to more than 100 different offshore installations, including FPSOs, drilling rigs, floatels and supply vessels.

Since the services were first offered in 2010, Axess has grown to become a global market leader in this area, working with many major international companies worldwide.

With extensive experience and a full understanding of Brazil’s unique regulatory environment, the company helps clients ensure compliance, reduce costs and prevent delays. In addition, Axess can assist with scope definitions and advise on the division of responsibilities amongst various stakeholders, including equipment suppliers, EPC companies, shipyards, as well as asset and field operators.

Having Brazilian CREA engineers located in North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Brazil allows the company to effectively support newbuild projects from the early phases and continue the work when the assets arrive in Brazilian waters.

Ricardo Freire, Brazilian Compliance Manager at Axess Group, said, "This success can be attributed to our expert team of engineers located worldwide and strong internal collaboration. We look forward to continuing to support the growing BRC market."

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