Lasse Iversen
Group CEO
Lasse became the CEO of Axess in 2020. He was previously the Chief Financial Officer. Lasse joined Axess in 2015 as an Operations Controller.
Svein Eide
Group CBDO
Svein Eide has been the Chief Business Development Officer since 2019. Previously, he was the Chief Operating Officer. Svein joined Axess as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2012.
Knut Stefanussen
Group CMO
Knut Stefanussen became the Chief Marketing Officer in 2017. Prior to that, he was the Vice President of Business Development. Knut has been with Axess since 2009, where he started as a Project Manager.
Therese Monsås
Group CPOO
Therese Monsås became the Chief Our People and Operational Excellence Officer in 2021. She was previously the Chief Operating Officer, having served in multiple positions since joining Axess in 2003.
Andreas Sæter
VP Europe
Andreas Sæter became the Vice President of Europe in 2021. He has held several roles within Axess, including Operations Manager and Department Director. Andreas joined Axess in 2012.
Jostein Tverdal
VP Americas
Jostein Tverdal became the Vice President of Americas in 2019. Prior to that, he has held several senior management positions in the company. Jostein joined Axess in 2008.
Fergus Murray
VP Asia Pacific & Middle East
Fergus Murray has been the Vice President of Asia Pacific and Middle East (APME) since 2019. He previously held several senior management positions in the APME region. Fergus has been with Axess since 2012.
Maarten Turkstra
VP Africa
Maarten Turkstra joined Axess as Vice President of Africa in 2014. He was responsible for spearheading our expansion into the region, establishing offices in Cape Town, Luanda and Accra.
Trond Stokke
CEO, Axess Technologies
Trond Stokke is the CEO of Axess Technologies. He has been working in Axess for the past 15 years, in multiple positions, including Department Manager and Vice President of Engineering Solutions.
Leif Løken
COO, Axess Technologies
Leif Løken is the Chief Operating Officer of Axess Technologies, and the director for the product division in the company. He was previously the Chief Executive Officer at Alpa. He joined Axess in 2015.