Low-Carbon Solutions

Our mission is to significantly reduce carbon emissions in the industries where we operate by staying at the forefront of​
technological innovation and providing our customers with the most climate-efficient solutions.
Our services, solutions and products shall help our clients to achieve more sustainable and responsible operations. Our Handprint, what we do to help our clients reduce their emission, is how we contribute to reduction of our customers footprint, by improved solutions compared to the industry standard.

To work systematically with making the energy industries more sustainable, we use the framework Carbon Handprint Guidelines by Finnish VTT and LUT University to measure, quantify our impact, and evaluate the carbon handprint of our products and services. The total handprint will be calculated annually by summarising the effects of all relevant projects.
Three focus areas for our handprint solutions:
IMR Vessels
Service efficiency
Focus Area I
Reduce the use of support/IMR vessels
Complex subsea operations are usually supported by Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) vessels that burn about 5,000L of fuel and cost around NOK 1,000,000 each day.

We offer innovative lifting solutions that avoid the use of support or IMR vessels, including ROV and tailored design and fabrication of lifting equipment and mechanical cutting gears.

Our caisson replacement and thruster replacement services reduce 200 t CO₂ per caisson and 100 t CO₂ per thruster respectively.
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Focus Area II
Avoid flaring
Flaring is the second biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in oil & gas production. To reduce emissions, it is crucial to avoid production shutdown during operations with advanced lifting and advanced inspection technology. We offer products such as the Alpa Winch that avoid production shutdown and flaring. Its reduction potential is 100 to 500 t CO₂ per month, depending on the customer case.
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Our Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) services help to minimise production downtime, predict equipment condition, and ensure asset integrity.
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Focus Area III
Ensuring service efficiency
We bundle services and plan systematically together with customers, to increase service efficiency and reduce the number of mobilisations/ travel activity. With a large international client as our pilot customer, we have documented a reduction of 40% man-mobilisations/cost from 2016 to 2020.

Bridge, our digital inspection software, optimises inspection and reporting processes, thus increasing efficiency.
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