Fleet-wide solutions for your assets
We assist our partners in achieving operational efficiency and increased productivity with solutions focused on minimising unexpected downtime and equipment failures. We achieve this by standardising deliveries fleet-wide, merging scopes and delivering services using digital solutions.
Our expert technical understanding of crane & lifting, drilling equipment, pressurised systems, and structural integrity allow us to ensure regulatory compliance, evaluate assets, and monitor performance backed by data and audit reports that equip you with the essential information to make well-informed decisions.

Human safety and environmental protection are essential to us, making HSE an integral part of all our processes and services — from drilling solutions and asset integrity management to engineering solutions and marine services.

TRIM Concept

Axess' Total Rig Integrity Management (TRIM) concept is a turnkey solution that aims to ensure maximum uptime with no incidents or unnecessary production stops during operations.

The TRIM Concept helps our clients achieve safe, reliable, stable, and efficient rig performance and operations through asset evaluation, performance monitoring, early detection of issues, and comprehensive audit data reports.

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