DROPS Training

Hands-on training for improved understanding on dropped objects
As a foremost provider of satisfactory DROPS inspection services, we provide DROPS training for offshore and onshore personnel that is tailored for your operations, environment specifications and site requirements. With this training programme, we aim to help raise awareness of potential dropped object hazards, explore prevention methods and carry out industry best practices to reduce the occurrence and severity of dropped objects incidents on assets worldwide.

DROPS training programme

Our DROPS training focuses on boosting the understanding and knowledge of the causes and risks of dropped objects, as well as best practices and preventive measures against dropped objects. In turn, we help the target audience improve its capabilities in identifying potential falling object threats in the workplace and implement adequate dropped object countermeasures, thereby establishing a sustained culture of safety.
Target groups​ that will benefit from our DROPS training include:
Top management
Personnel working at height
Drill and Deck Crew
Purchasers and Storekeepers
Crane Operators
All 3rd Parties working at height

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