DROPS Training

Hands-on training to improve competence in dropped objects
As a foremost provider of DROPS management services, we provide DROPS training sessions for offshore and onshore personnel that are tailored to our clients’ operations, environment specifications and site requirements. This training programme aims to reduce the occurrence and severity of dropped object incidents, and improve workplace safety in the energy industry.

Online/Classroom DROPS Training

Comprising theory lessons, case studies, interactive quizzes and individual assessments, our DROPS training sessions focus on boosting the awareness and understanding of the causes and risks of dropped objects, as well as best practices and preventive measures.

DROPS Training in the Metaverse

We partnered with DROPS Asia Chapter to develop a hazard hunt module in the DROPS Metaverse, a Virtual Reality (VR) application. As part of the training, participants virtually navigate a drilling rig to look for potential dropped objects.

This training is extremely valuable in complementing the theory lessons, allowing participants to actively apply what they have learned in a safe and controlled environment. By exposing them to a range of potential issues that can be found in a real working environment, it helps to train their awareness and enhance their critical thinking skills. The immersive nature of VR also increases the retention of information and skills, making training more effective.
Target groups​ that will benefit from our DROPS training include:
Top management
Personnel working at height
Drill and Deck Crew
Purchasers and Storekeepers
Crane Operators
All 3rd Parties working at height

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