Pressure Safety Valves Inspection

Enhancing safety on your offshore asset
Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs) protect pressure vessels and piping systems from excessive internal pressure. At Axess Group, we deliver pressure testing of PSVs, with pressures up to 25,000 PSI, to make sure that they “pop” within the accepted pressure range, enhancing safety on offshore assets.

PSV inspection services

Our global team of experienced technicians conduct the tests according to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards (API 527, 510 and 576).
We adopt a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) approach to create tailor-made inspection programmes for our clients. With our TRIM concept and team of multi-skilled personnel, we can combine testing of PSV with other services, such as inspection of HP/LP pressurised systems, instrument calibration, to minimise the number of mobilisations and reduce unnecessary costs, downtime and carbon emissions.

In addition, we mobilise test equipment on a pallet which we rig up in the mechanical workshop, instead of a big container, thus saving our clients costs and space onboard the rig.

At the end of the project, we upload all documents to Bridge, which our clients can easily access and review.

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