Tailor-made PSV inspection programme provides substantial cost savings

Adopting a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) approach to extend test and calibration intervals, thus reducing the number of items that must be tested annually.

Client: Offshore drilling company
Industry: Drilling
Asset: Jackup rig
Location: Norway
Year: 2022


Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs) need to be regularly inspected as they are essential to protect pressure vessels and piping systems from excessive internal pressure. Instruments such as pressure gauges and pressure transmitters need to be accurately calibrated to ensure that they function as intended.

To ensure safety on its assets, the client typically tests all PSVs and calibrates them along with other instrumentswith a 12-month interval. This process can take up to 4 weeks and requires a lot of manpower.

After hearing about the RBI approach to PSV inspection programmes that we had established for a different client, they contracted us to carry it out on one of their assets, due to the benefits it offers.


We performed a baseline PSV survey and instrument calibration on electrical pressure transmitters, as well as mechanical pressure gauges.

Service manager carrying out PSV inspection
(Photo: Service manager carrying out PSV inspection)

Coupled with historical data and a list of instruments that were provided by the client, we had the necessary information to establish an inspection programme tailored to their needs.

Calibrated pressure gauges on BOP HPU
(Photo: Calibrated pressure gauges on BOP HPU)


While some valves still needed to be tested every 12 months, we proposed new intervals of up to 36 months for others. This led to a 35 to 45% reduction in the number of PSVs that have to be tested annually.

In addition, we also proposed new intervals of 24 months for items that are not considered critical drilling instruments. This led to a 13% reduction in the number of instruments that have to be calibrated on an annual basis.

The extended intervals for both scopes of work resulted in cost savings due to the reduction in number of days onboard each year.

If you are interested in a tailor-made PSV inspection programme for your assets, please reach out to us.

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