Drone Inspection

Optimising inspections with drones
Drone inspections are a form of remote visual inspection (RVI), a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for visual observation of a component or region from a remote location. This is especially suitable when there is limited access or when it is unsafe to access.

Drone inspection services

Drone inspections are being performed in most industries that requires visual inspections as part of maintenance procedures. By using a drone to collect visual data on the condition of an asset, it helps inspectors avoid having to place themselves in dangerous situations. Hence, reducing risk and significantly reducing cost.

To utilise drone inspection technology, strict rules and regulations must be complied with. Axess Group is a certified RPAS operator by the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway. Our pilots are certified according to Norwegian law and Civil Aviation Authority guidelines.
We provide the following services:
  • High-resolution video inspections
    This enables time and cost-efficient inspection of areas that are not easily accessible such as piping and structures, removing the need of costly techniques such as rope access and scaffolding. High quality pictures that are captured can be utilised for thorough condition assessments.
  • Thermal imaging
    Utilising aerial mounted thermographic imaging technology, inspections can be performed in a very effective and timely manner. Potential troublesome hot spots that can cause unexpected downtime and maintenance can be detected quickly.
  • Photogrammetry
    This method produces the most accurate data available for 3D modelling and dimensional mapping for volumetric calculations. This greatly increases understanding of an asset’s condition to support decision making.
drone inspection

Other RVI solutions

Aside from drones, we also offer push or crawler cameras to conduct RVI in confined spaces. This enables timely assessments and real-time evaluations.

  • Visual inspection
    Efficient high-resolution internal inspection of piping and vessels with push or crawler cameras, with a range of up to 200m. This can be extended for specific needs.
  • Evaluation
    Internal weld or degradation evaluation performed by EN-ISO 9712 or NS415 certified personnel
  • Documentation
    3D modelling of inspected piping

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