Ensuring adherence to NORSOK standards to minimise operational risks
At Axess Group, we assist our clients in compliance with NORSOK standards, to effectively minimise operational risks and achieve optimal operational efficiency. The NORSOK standards are developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety, value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations.
Operations of oil and gas rigs in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea are highly dependent on safe, reliable structural and equipment performance. Although it is vital to monitor all assets and keep them in good working condition, it can be a challenge due to the volume of rig structures and equipment.

NORSOK compliance

In our unwavering commitment to safety, HSEQ has become our top priority. We provide cost-efficient, value-added solutions to support our clients in the early detection of non-compliance.

With over two decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, our team of specialists are well-positioned to provide advisory on engineering design, asset management and equipment manufacturing services to our clients.

We offer industry-leading design reviews, on-site surveys, gap analyses and maintenance management of all your critical assets in compliance with NORSOK regulations, one of the most stringent international standards.

Some of these regulations include:

  • NORSOK R-002: Lifting Equipment Certification, Material Handling Plan, Offshore Crane Studies
  • NORSOK S-003: Working Environment Studies

From servicing a wide range of clients in different market sectors, we have expanded our knowledge and experience and have successfully built a diverse network of engineers familiar with the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA)’s historical audit findings. We fully understand the underlying safety principles required by PSA and work towards helping our clients increase the rate of approval to operate and at the same time ensure adherence to relevant international standards.

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