Building a sustainable future

At Axess Group, we are committed to making responsible business decisions that create value and protect the health and safety of our people. In addition, we take ownership to combat climate change and contribute to the good of society.

Since our inception in 1998, sustainability has been the cornerstone of our business model. We have, since the very beginning, been dedicated to help our clients achieve maximum uptime and zero harm to people, assets, environment and climate.

Sustainability is integrated in our strategy, operations, development of new services, solutions and products. They also play a fundamental role in the governance of our organisation.

We make a positive impact in three ways:

1.   Our operations shall be sustainable and responsible.
2.   Our solutions, services and products shall help our clients achieve more sustainable and responsible operations.
3.   We aim to influence the industry, our clients, competitors, employees and the society by being a partner that accelerates the transition to sustainable energy production.
Our sustainability framework is focused on three main areas: