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Excellent coating solutions for assets
For over two decades, we worked with a variety of surface treatment, coating and insulation systems on subsea pipelines, on- and offshore structures and piping.
Axess Group supplies third-party inspectors, or quality assurance (QA) inspectors, and corroborates the findings and measurements of the coating application company. This position is vital in ensuring that no corners are cut and that all aspects of the project are followed to specifications. This would help to extend the life of the asset, and prevent unnecessary costs and potential hazards resulting from the failure of premature coating.
We possess in-house resources and equipment to take on a large variety of testing and inspection works. From developing tailored inspection and test plans (ITP/TIP) to inspection execution, we help to ensure your suppliers’ compliance with standards and specifications.

Our coating and insulation services include:

  • Client representation and inspection on- and offshore
  • Participation in kick-off and prefabrication meetings
  • Development of tailored inspection and test plans (TIP/ITP)
  • Compliance evaluation and revision of project specific technical documentation
  • In-house NACE and FROSIO certified personnel
  • In-house FROSIO Insulation certified personnel
  • Level 3 services
  • IRMII certified personnel
  • PQT, PPT and production follow-up of rigid pipeline coating and insulation (Linepipe, field joint, custom coating)
  • Supplier surveying during thermal spray and coating of structures, components and parts
  • Inspection of technical insulation on piping, vessels, and structure in process areas
  • Reporting of coating conditions and recommending corrective actions

Our coating inspection methods include:

  • Visual assessment
  • Surface assessment (ISO, SSPC, NACE, NORSOK)
  • Surface profile (Comparator, testex, digital)
  • Surface contamination (dust, chloride, nitrate, sulphate)
  • Climatic conditions
  • Coating thickness measurements (Wet film, dry film)
  • Adhesion testing (Pull-off, cross-hatch)
  • Holiday detection (Wet, dry)
  • Additional site or client specific technical requirements as agreed

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