Hull and Structures Inspection

Ensuring the structural integrity of offshore assets
Since our inception in 1998, we have been performing inspections of hulls and structures on a variety of offshore assets. Our structural inspectors are experienced in identifying deterioration on marine structures such as fatigue cracks, corrosion, buckling or dents, which is critical for structural integrity assessments.
With a good understanding of the risks and the procedures involved, they are able to perform the job safely, even under challenging conditions including at height, in the splash zone or in confined spaces.

Axess has developed long-term inspection programmes for new assets and modified them to suit ageing assets. Combined with our extensive field experience, we can identify how and what information should be collected for the client.

Our structural inspectors are supported in the field by our quality control department with NDT-technicians, coating inspectors, welding inspectors and other specialists, as needed, to perform their jobs in an optimised manner.

Hull and structures inspection services

The scope of work includes:
  • Defining work scope
  • Making work packages
  • Managing inspections
  • Leading inspections in the field
  • Performing NDT and visual inspections
  • Reporting the condition of the structures
  • Reporting of findings
  • Carrying out follow-up repairs and modifications

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