Ex Inspection

Securing a hazard-free work environment
At Axess Group, we provide a full range of Ex inspection services to various industries, including oil and gas as well as marine, to ensure full compliance with all relevant safety regulations, best practices and international standards. With our extensive experience and team of highly trained specialists, we carry out well-tailored inspection strategies that are proven to reduce workplace electrical hazards.

Ex inspection services

Optimise your Ex equipment’s integrity, safety and reliability with our methodical inspection and maintenance services directed toward achieving flawless operations with minimal to zero unscheduled downtime.

We endeavour to assist our clients in improving safety during hazardous electrical installations through:
Visual Inspection
To identify defects that are apparent to the eye without needing access to the equipment
Close Inspection
To identify defects that can only be determined when the equipment can be accessed
Detailed Inspection 
To identify defects that can only be detected when the enclosure is opened

Why invest in Ex inspection?

  • Optimise inspection grade or frequency and maintain the integrity of Ex assets
  • Enable compliance with pertinent regulations and performance standards
  • Reduce human error in maintenance operations and intrusive inspections
  • Improve equipment performance and service life
  • Ensure implementation of effective risk-based Ex inspection regime
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses
  • Improve knowledge sharing and implementation of best practices
Ex inspection

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