Strategic Ex Equipment Maintenance Optimisation

Electrical equipment inspection strategy ensures that electrical equipment used in potentially explosive areas comply with the relevant legislations for safe operation and maintenance.

Client: International FPSO operator
Industry: FPSO
Asset: 7 FPSO units
Location: North Sea, UK sector, and Brazilian sector
Year: 2017-2018


The client needed an inspection strategy for the electrical equipment and installations within the hazardous areas of their floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units. Axess Group was tasked to demonstrate a cost-effective inspection and maintenance program that will ensure the integrity of the Ex Equipment, as well as meet the international rules and standards.


Axess’ team conducted a gap analysis by compiling the Ex register on the FPSOs within the client’s fleet and compared it to each vessel’s system database as a basis for establishing an inspection and maintenance plan. Both periodic inspection and Ex risk-based inspection (RBI) strategies were developed, depending on the age and condition of the vessels, and the local requirements they are operating in.

Ignition risk factors such as hazardous area zone, equipment type, environmental exposure, vibration, corrosion and historical failure rates were also taken into consideration when determining the inspection type, sample size and frequency.

The inspection and maintenance procedure developed, complies with the requirements of the international standard IEC60079-17 inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment in an explosive atmosphere. The procedure was then integrated into the client’s fleet management software.


Axess has created a cost-efficient inspection and maintenance strategy that supported the client’s goal in optimising the performance, safety and integrity of their Ex assets while meeting their legal obligations. The approach implemented allowed the FPSO operator to gain greater control of their ex assets and achieve considerable OPEX savings annually.

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