Axess Technologies

Gain optimal safety, efficiency and economic margins through our offshore material handling products and solutions.
Axess Technologies (formerly Alpa), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axess Group, offers a wide range of engineering and material handling solutions for leading players in the oil and gas and wind energy industries worldwide. The Engineering department in Axess has been merged into the company, enabling stronger concept development capabilities, a wider portfolio of products and services and increased capacity to provide turnkey solutions for our clients.
Our full-spectrum material handling solutions ranges from small utility winches to high-risk application systems integrated with our unique Alpa Control System.
We perform modifications on existing material handling solutions and structures for both own and third-party products. We rebuild design, update control system, increase SWL or add new safety functions.
Our extensive experience in the offshore and maritime industry allow us to provide cost-effective solutions: from inspection and health control to large-scale maintenance scopes.
We strive for simplicity
As a solution to every complex challenge. It's easy to make things bigger and more complex; it takes insight and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. We constantly ask ourselves; can this be simplified?
Our material handling solutions
Our products and service deliveries are tailored to ensure operational safety and efficiency for our clients. Our material handling solutions are flexible and scalable, helping major oil and gas companies achieve their goals of maximum uptime and zero harm.
Core Values
Since the inception of Axess Group in 1998, our We Values have helped to shape our culture and guided us in making the right decisions, especially in a dynamic environment and unknown situations where procedures may not provide enough guidance.


Trond Stokke
Leif Løken


Jeroen van Boxtel
CCO, International

Tone Tomassen

Arild Bø
Sales Director, Products

Andreas Tautra Vegsund
BD Manager, Service & Modification
Rune Vabø
Senior Advisor

Stian Guttormsen
BD Manager, Renewables
Edwin Tieman
BD Manager, Offshore Wind

Department Management

Trond Brudeseth
Director, Service
Stian Blø
Director, Products
Jan Owe Stenløs
Director, Solutions
Erik Aalde
Director, Renewables

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