TRIM Concept

Total Rig Integrity Management
Axess Group’s Total Rig Integrity Management (TRIM) concept involves the bundling of scopes, to deliver a cost-efficient inspection, certification and verification package to our clients.

We evaluate assets, monitor performance, ensure regulatory compliance, close inspection findings and present audit reports to help you achieve your business goals. We also put emphasis on streamlining the maintenance system to minimise mobilisations, boost rig performance and reduce unnecessary costs and downtime.

Our TRIM concept is specifically tailored for the offshore market and the objectives are to:

  • Minimise risk and prevent asset failures
  • Ensure compliance with HSE standards
  • Maintain safety barrier functions
  • Implement fleetwide, digital and standardised solutions
  • Meet current and future statutory and company requirements
  • Improve our clients’ financial results by optimising operations at a fixed and predictable cost

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