Drone inspection of a semi-submersible rig

Improving efficiency while reducing the duration and cost of inspection

Client: International drilling company                  
Industry: Drilling
Asset: Semi-submersible rig
Location: Norway
Year: 2023


The client required an inspection of its semi-submersible rig, as part of a Special Periodical Survey (SPS) conducted every 5 years.

The focus area was the fairleads along the vessel sides and welded connections from columns to deck box.


Axess’ team in Norway conducted a drone inspection of the rig. The drone utilised a camera equipped with excellent optical zoom capabilities, allowing inspections to be conducted from a distance without compromising data quality. This provided the team with an opportunity to manoeuvre the drone across a broad area, enabling them to capture the best inspection data from a wide range of angles.

Class surveyors joined the team for the inspection, ensuring that all inspection data and results adhere to their rigorous standards.

Axess’ drone pilot inspecting the rig
(Photo: Axess’ drone pilot inspecting the rig)


The use of a drone improved safety by minimising the risks associated with working at height. Additionally, the drone covered a large area in less time, maximising efficiency and reducing overall project costs. Furthermore, as a drone inspection requires fewer resources, the expenses related to equipment, scaffolding and labour are reduced.

The project was successfully completed with high satisfaction from both the client and class surveyors.

“We are happy to have supported the client in this project. Our team of highly-skilled drone pilots and inspectors efficiently handle all aspects of inspections, from planning and precise execution to thorough evaluation. With our equipment and dedicated personnel, we are always prepared to respond promptly to any situation,” Fredrik Crowo, Technical Lead / Operational Manager RPAS at Axess Group said.

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