Axess Group brings innovative PSV inspection service to Ghana

MOLDE, Norway, January 11, 2023 – Following the signing of the global distribution agreement with Inline-Test last year, Axess Group has invested in personnel training to operate Inline X, and secured one of its first projects in Ghana.

The technology will enable Axess to accurately test and calibrate Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs) in-situ, when PSVs have historically been removed and tested separately. This greatly reduces the risks of damaging the PSVs during the process of dismounting, transportation and mounting. Moreover, since there is no longer a need to lift heavy valves, the risks of causing harm to people and assets are also lowered. As a result, safety is enhanced while costs, downtime and carbon emissions are reduced.

As an experienced global provider of asset integrity management services including PSV inspection, Axess has leveraged partnerships with companies like Inline-Test, to provide clients with even more value. This is also in line with the Group’s commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of its clients, as outlined in its Climate Roadmap.

“We are pleased to bring this new technology to Ghana. As the upstream market matures, we see that our clients require robust and innovative solutions to manage the condition of their assets. There is also an eagerness from our clients to adopt new technologies that streamline operations and reduce operational costs. Our ambition is to roll out this PSV testing technology across our African operations, and to train for local delivery of this service without the need for additional costly mobilisations,” Alex Owen, Operations Director of Africa at Axess Group said.

Axess personnel operating Inline X
(Photo: Axess personnel operating Inline X)

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