VR training to improve competence in dropped objects

MOLDE, Norway, February 8, 2023 – Axess Group recently partnered with DROPS Asia Chapter to develop a hazard hunt module in the DROPS Metaverse, a Virtual Reality (VR) application.

As part of the training, participants virtually navigate a drilling rig to look for potential dropped objects (PDOs). Learning to correctly identify these PDOs is extremely important in an industry with high activity levels, like oil and gas. Dropped objects can cause injuries and fatalities. They occur due to wear and tear, corrosion and vibration caused by heavy machinery and harsh environments.

“We believe that dropped object risks can be managed. Over the years, we have provided a comprehensive range of dropped object management services to clients in the energy industry, from design and verification, to inspections and rectifications, and personnel training. Our latest venture aims to use practical learning to help the crew improve their competence in dropped objects, and improve workplace safety,” Ricardo Freire, Operations Director of APME at Axess Group said.

Examples of objects without secondary retention
(Photos: Examples of objects without secondary retention)

As an experienced provider of dropped object management services, Axess has provided many training sessions, both remotely and in the classroom. Although this training is crucial in helping inspectors gain awareness, traditionally there are no mock scenarios for them to apply their knowledge. Hence, the Metaverse training is extremely valuable in complementing the theory lessons, allowing participants to actively apply what they have learned in a safe and controlled environment. By exposing the participants to a range of potential issues that can be found in a real working environment, it helps to train their awareness and enhance their critical thinking skills. The immersive nature of VR also increases the retention of information and skills, making training more effective. The hazard hunt module is gradually being rolled out internally, and offered to clients.

Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS) is an industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropped objects, with the ultimate goal of delivering a second nature dropped objects prevention strategy across the industry. DROPS is essentially a Global Work Group, represented by 200 operators, contractors, service companies and industry bodies, all sharing commitment and enthusiasm for the common goal of dropped object prevention.

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