PSV and Instrument Calibration onboard drilling rig in Norway

Ensuring safety, regulatory compliance and the long-term reliability of equipment

Client: International offshore drilling contractor               
Industry: Drilling
Asset: Semi-submersible rig
Location: Norway
Year: 2023


The client required an annual pressure safety valve (PSV) and instrument calibration on its semi-submersible rig. The purpose was to ensure safety, regulatory compliance and the long-term reliability of equipment.


Using compact and advanced equipment, the Axess Norway team tested PSVs, pressure relief valves (PRVs), density transmitters and level transmitters, and calibrated pressure gauges, pressure transmitters as well as temperature sensors.

Traditionally, large testing containers were used for such projects. In contrast, our equipment was easily transported offshore using ZARGES boxes on a pallet. This approach not only minimised deck space and the demands on crane capacity, but also reduced transit time and associated costs, providing significant value to the client.

In addition, the multi-skilled team also performed non-destructive testing (NDT) of a lifting sub, inspected critical drilling equipment, and more.

Testing of ballast level sensors
(Photo: Testing of ballast level sensors)


In total, 370 instruments were calibrated and 271 PSVs and PRVs were tested during a yard stay. Findings were all uploaded to Bridge, Axess Digital’s inspection software.

Replacements for PSVs and instruments that failed the inspection were also sourced. Subsequently, calibration was carried out in the warehouse situated at the headquarters, to ensure that the quality of the products meets Axess’ standards, as they are often manufactured in large batches where only a small percentage is spot-checked for accuracy.

“Having an up-to-date maintenance programme is essential for ensuring equipment reliability, safety, compliance with regulations, cost-efficiency, and prolonged equipment life. The phenomenal teamwork between Axess and the client enabled the timely completion of the project. Our enduring partnership stands as a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and our expertise within the industry,” Kristoffer Roberts, Service Manager – PSV & Instrument Calibration at Axess Group said.

Calibration of pressure transmitters on riser tensioner system
(Photo: Calibration of pressure transmitters on riser tensioner system)

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