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BRIDGE consists of several modules complementary to our extensive portfolio of services, and forms your all-in-one solution for asset inspection and assurance management.


Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme
A powerful tool to ensure development of effective dropped object prevention strategies, execution of necessary surveys, and delivery of quality data audits and coherent reporting.


Lifting Equipment Certification
Help specialists perform paperless, efficient and accurate inspections. Full audit trail- and progress history enables you to have complete control of all installations.


Non-Destructive Testing
Designed to optimize the inspection process. Improve data quality by equipping inspectors with a real-time software to execute inspection and report data simultaneously.


Viewing 3D Models
Enable the sharing of comprehensive 3D models in our web-application without the need for specialised hardware or software. Facilitate inspections, reporting of results, assessments and planning for future maintenance.


Material Handling Plan
Streamline operations and increase efficiency in commissioning and decommissioning of equipment throughout an installation’s lifetime. In return reduce downtime and risk.


Project Document Management
Find, view and download available project documents anytime and anywhere. This is a default module throughout Axess Bridge that supports advanced seach functionality.

Your Advantages with BRIDGE

Identifying Your Needs

Working closely in workshops and at site surveys to identify needs and requirements.

Developing a Strategy

Creating a maintenance- and inspection plan, and setting up your BRIDGE accounts.

Inspection and Data Gathering

Collecting data about your assets using different technologies. It is possible to create 3D models from drone scans and use Artificial Intelligence to inspect digital twins of your assets.

CMMS Integration

Data is fed to our Computerized Maintenance Management System within BRIDGE, which allows for automatically synchronised updates across all of our platforms. Get relevant notifications and reminders about inspections.

Data Visualisation

Get an overview of all your assets and inspection processes with our dashboard, or connect your data to external visualisation tools.

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