Axess Digital unveils new DROPS Management Software

Axess Digital is proud to announce the release of eDROPS, a Bridge application that can help increase efficiency in planning, execution, reporting and follow-up of Dropped Objects Prevention Schemes (DROPS) for crew, rig owners and service vendors for installations worldwide.

eDROPS, developed in cooperation with our customers, eliminates the use of conventional methods like paper-based inspection manuals, checklists and reporting. The DROPS management software provides instant access to vital dropped objects-related information to key stakeholders globally, giving them full control over their inspection and reporting processes.

Managing fleet-wide DROPS programmes involve handling a large number of periodic inspections, findings and rectifications of findings. eDROPS can be integrated with most maintenance management systems, giving our clients major efficiency gains in handling inspections and corrective actions.

In the new application, third-party DROPS surveys and periodic DROPS inspections on rigs are merged into one system. This allows asset owners instant access to the present status of their asset and the history of all jobs – a practical feature that helps them make informed decisions.

Designed with an intuitive graphical user interface, eDROPS provides guided checklists for all inspection objects in a specific area with the ability to register findings and take pictures. To speed up inspections, users can perform the inspection work onsite with a handheld device (e.g. EX-tablet).

Øyvind Høgset, Axess Digital’s Product Manager – Dropped Object Prevention, said: “eDROPS will significantly reduce the time spent for inspection companies and our clients in managing inspections and data. This software will enable smarter inspections, focus more on preventing dynamic dropped objects and contribute to improving the safety culture and work consistency.”

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