Axess Group at EERA DeepWind 2020

Axess Group has, in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), participated in the DeepWind Conference 2020 with a poster presentation concerning the wake meandering phenomena on wind turbine generators (WTG).

The study applied a mid-fidelity software to simulate the wake effects on the Hywind Tampen field, in order to predict the wind farm’s estimated Annual Energy Production (AEP) with wake meandering taken into account. Wake meandering aggravates fatigue loads on turbines and decreases power production, making it an undesirable effect that needs to be minimised by aerodynamic optimisation in turbine layout. An alternative configuration was made with a pragmatic approach to illustrate the decrease in wake effect for certain wind directions.

Axess was represented by Mr. Endre Tenggren, who co-authored the study as part of his BSc study in wind energy. Endre is now an important member of the Axess Renewables Department working out of Trondheim, Norway.

“Our involvement in the present study with NTNU helps support develop of the industry as well as our capabilities as a service provider, and we want to thank the NTNU team for their dedication to carry this through” says Christian Nerland, Director of Renewables in Axess Group.

The three-day business conference held on 15-17 January 2020 was organised by the European Energy Research Alliance to support the development of offshore wind energy.

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