DROPS Baseline Survey

Prevention is better than hasty remedy
Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) baseline survey is a critical component of our inspection services as it helps us identify potential risks and develop the most efficient safety maintenance strategy, tailored to our clients’ needs.
Dropped objects are responsible for hundreds of injuries and fatalities in industries such as oil and gas. To improve workplace health and safety, ensure HSE compliance and alleviate the risks involved with dropped objects, it is vital to perform proper inspection and implement preventive measures.

Our DROPS baseline survey includes:

  • DROPS inspection and bolt inspection
  • Closing of DROPS findings and tidying at height
  • Verification and correction of securing methods at height
  • Compilation of DROPS management system with picture books, Pre-Task and collision checklists, and procedural guides and user manuals
  • Review of existing DROPS barriers and establish better safety measures
With our qualified team of specialists and technicians, we conduct a thorough inspection and detailed survey of tools, equipment and structural part of each inspection area of the rig to identify potential dropped object threats, incidents and scenarios. Our baseline survey aims to accurately identify and implement the most appropriate DROPS strategy that fulfills regulatory requirements and meets international standards through site photographs, checklists, user manuals and immediate repair recommendations.

We ensure proper documentation during the survey’s conclusion by recording all inspection object data into our clients’ DROPS management system. This enables us to measure and monitor year on year changes and make improvements based on the rig’s needs.

We understand how crucial baseline surveys are in developing dropped object control and prevention strategy. This is why we promote early involvement and deliver on our promise – to help you identify, record and assess potential dropped object hazards, as well as recommend necessary corrective actions.

With our state-of-the-art eDROPS software, we can effectively manage and control all potential Dropped Objects within your fleet and provide you with safety statistics and alerts to monitor items within your fleet following any failures.

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