Closing of Findings

Performing corrective actions for dropped object findings satisfactorily
After a thorough inspection of our client’s assets, our certified inspection specialists would recommend an integrated corrective action plan based on their findings to promptly address potential dropped object hazards. Subsequently, we would implement solutions to close both the common and critical dropped object findings.

To ensure all actions relating to our inspection findings are successfully completed, we carry out the following:

  • Conducting tailored inspection of all objects at height and comprehensive survey of DROPS management system
  • Designing a comprehensive program that includes complete bolt and structural inspections in the derrick
  • Rectifying findings, which do not require special tools or equipment, during the inspection, to save costs and time
  • Providing access to one of the most advanced documentation and audit systems in the industry
  • Mobilising resources, personnel and additional supplies and materials required during closing campaigns
  • Delivering competence in effective closing of findings that require rope access

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