Design and Verification

Elevating safety to greater heights
For new builds, early involvement in design and specification verification is key in developing a strong DROPS philosophy to ensure safety from the design and construction phase to the operational phase.

Design and verification services

Our multi-disciplined engineers and specialists help our clients ensure that their newly built installations meet the highest safety standards. At Axess Group, safety is at the center of everything we do. We understand the causes of dropped objects, including environmental elements, corrosion, deterioration, vibration and human error. This enables us to deliver unparalleled design and verification services and continue to push the boundaries of safety and risk prevention within the workplace.
Our DROPS Design and Verification services offer the following advantages:
  • Reduce the risk and cases of dropped object incidents by establishing DROPS Philosophy throughout the design and construction phase
  • Safeguard personnel, assets, and working environments by implementing and securing secondary retention methods for equipment as part of a dropped object prevention program
  • Ensure technical requirements of equipment are met and comply with relevant standards by carrying out objective design reviews to avoid problems later on
  • Verify whether sub-contractors have met their agreed work scope and assure the quality of work delivered
  • Save mobilisation costs with our multi-skilled and competent team of dropped object prevention specialists
  • Thorough assessment and rectification of findings while controlling installation status
  • Execute DROPS strategies in the most effective way for increased operational efficiency

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