Axess Digital launches 3DView application in Bridge

MOLDE, Norway, May 3, 2023 – Axess Digital has launched a new application, 3DView, in Bridge (inspection software), to enable seamless collaboration and sharing of 3D models, without the need for specialised hardware or software.

With 3DView, clients and their stakeholders can communicate effectively regarding their assets and inspection findings, regardless of their location or device. Users can access the application by logging into Bridge using any device with a web browser, such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile, at their own convenience.

The application supports point clouds and meshes with textures and images, allowing for detailed visualisation of assets. This feature facilitates comprehensive inspections, assessments and planning for future maintenance. Moreover, the use of 3D models for inspections can significantly improve efficiency by eliminating the need for physical access to the assets. Furthermore, findings can be added and reviewed directly within the 3DView application itself.

Meshed model with textures
(Figure 1: Meshed model with textures)

Additionally, the resolution of the 3D models can be adjusted depending on the user’s needs, and the application currently offers several measurement tools, such as angle, area, height, and length. There is also a comparison feature which allows side-by-side comparisons of 3D models. Overall, this application allows clients to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Side-by-side comparison of point clouds and mesh models
(Figure 2: Side-by-side comparison of point clouds and mesh models)

“At Axess Digital, we are continuously innovating to improve productivity and efficiency for our clients. This application, as a sharing platform, will address common challenges faced by clients when sharing 3D models internally and with external parties. We are working to incorporate more exciting features in the coming months,” Ole-Erich Haas, Head of Product Development at Axess Digital said.

Supported file formats in 3DView
(Figure 3: Supported file formats in 3DView)

Launched in 2012, Bridge is an inspection software that streamlines inspection and reporting processes, helping clients manage their assets efficiently. The recent addition of 3DView to the existing suite of tools in Bridge marks a significant enhancement in the software’s capabilities, enabling clients to effectively collaborate and share 3D models on all web-enabled devices.

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