Axess wins contract to supply service cranes to aluminium factory

Axess Technologies, a supplier of cranes, lifting equipment and automation systems to various industrial companies, is to deliver four service cranes to Hydro’s Sunndal plant in Norway for use on two aluminium production lines.

The cranes will increase efficiency and safety in the production process.

The cranes each have a span of 23m, a height of lift of 10m, a capacity of 20t, plus a 5t auxiliary hoist. The four cranes will operate in pairs, in tandem, to lift up to 40t. The cranes come with an M6/A6 duty rating classification.

Hydro Sunndal said it is “convinced” that the new cranes will meet all its requirements for reliability, efficiency and safety.

The new cranes are expected to be operational by Q1 2024.

Hydro Sunndal is claimed to be Europe’s largest aluminium smelter and producer of low-carbon aluminium, It produces 400,000t of primary aluminium, 500,000t of casthouse products and 80,000t of anodes annually.

crane for Hydro Sunndal

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