Axess Group opens new Boston office to gain foothold in offshore wind

MOLDE, Norway, November 15, 2022 – Axess Group opened a new office in Boston, Massachusetts, to gain a foothold in the offshore wind market in Northeastern United States. This is the company’s second office in the country, with the first being in Houston, Texas.

The Northeastern states have immense renewable energy potential, especially in offshore wind. For example, offshore wind is expected to become the largest source of clean energy for the region. The Boston office will offer a broad range of integrity management and engineering services to the emerging offshore wind market.

Barry Holtzman, Country Manager of USA at Axess Group, said: “The wind initiative in the United States represents $28 – $57 billion in investments over this decade, and this development could create up to 83,000 new jobs by 2030. We see an opportunity to carry over our vast experience in Oil & Gas to the emerging offshore wind industry here. Opening the office in this strategic location will enable us to diversify our business portfolio in line with the Group’s strategy.”

Since Axess has extensive experience in Oil & Gas, and Renewables in more recent years, the company is well-positioned to succeed in this emerging market. Thomas Lynch, Director of Offshore Wind Business Development, will be leading the entity and reporting to the Country Manager of USA.

Tom Lynch
(Photo: Thomas Lynch, Director of Offshore Wind Business Development)

“We are delighted that Tom has joined Axess. He has been instrumental in getting the company off to a strong start, utilizing his technical and relationship skills with many of the major operators and service providers, to prepare for large-scale windfarms that could produce at least 30 GW of power by 2030,” Barry added.

Prior to joining Axess, Thomas was with Eversource Energy, New England’s largest energy provider, where he was responsible for the grid integration of renewable energy. Before that, he worked in the maritime industry for 10 years.

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