Axess Africa completes crane recertification programme

Axess Africa has successfully completed a crane recertification programme on one of the vessels of an International FPSO operator offshore West Africa.

The client commissioned Axess to conduct an initial survey of the cranes on their three FPSO vessels offshore West Africa to ensure they meet the standards and requirements set by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

After the initial survey and planning, Axess mobilised an experienced multi-skilled inspection team from Axess Africa to follow up on remedial recommendations. Led by senior crane engineers from ALPA, Axess’ material handling subsidiary, the skilled team set about replacing the luffing rams and winches along with other mechanical, electrical and hydraulic upgrades as the project progressed.

Despite mobilisation challenges due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, the two main cranes aboard the FPSO have been upgraded, repaired and certified to ABS Class requirements. Ensuring the cranes remain to Class standard, whereby they are safe for use and are reliable assets to the client, is a major milestone for the African entity. Furthermore, additional improvements will be implemented by 2021 to boost the cranes’ capability & reliability.

Tyrone Tilley, Project Manager at Axess Africa, said: “As a joint operation between Axess Africa and ALPA, the project has been successfully executed and a template for cooperation between divisions within Axess. Engineering, heavy lift rigging, crane survey techniques including NDT inspections and project management were all employed across divisions to deliver a successful key milestone in the crane recertification programme, leaving us with a satisfied client.”

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