Dolly Track Replacement and Alignment in Semi-Submersible Rig

Successful replacement and alignment of guide rails to ensure the reliability and safety of the client's drilling equipment

Client: International Drilling Contractor
Industry: Drilling
Asset: Semi-Submersible Rig
Location: East Coast, India
Year: 2019


Axess India was contracted by an international drilling contractor to replace a dolly track on a semi-submersible rig that was on standby due to equipment failure.


To have a better understanding on the exact condition of the dolly track, Axess sent a team to assess the quantum of work and create a feasibility study.

With a clearer view of the client’s requirements and health and safety protocols, the team developed a step-by-step procedure to effectively remove and install the dolly track, and then align it as per industry standard.

A multi-skilled team successfully removed the damaged dolly track and replaced it within a tight time frame. A surveyor, together with the derrick builders, first performed a survey of the new tracks, followed by the physical alignment and a final survey of the tracks.


Once the new tracks were fully aligned according to survey report requirement, all 8 raised backup system (RBS) supports were manoeuvred back onto its previous dolly track elevation and welded into position. A function test on both the RBS and TDS system were subsequently conducted.

The dolly track replacement and alignment project brought the rig back online and back to its day rate as quickly as possible.

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