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Despite the oil gloom that has extremely affected Scotland in the last couple of years, Axess Group stays adamant to follow its key partners across borders, which led to an establishment of an office in Britain’s oil capital. 

Opening an office in Aberdeen has been one of the top priorities of Axess Group, however, the plans had been shelved due to the economic downturn in 2015. After winning a major contract with the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor in November 2016, the ambition to set a foothold in the Granite City, has finally been realised.

Axess North Sea Ltd. will be launching the opening of its own building in Dyce, Aberdeen, by the end of this month. Along with the strong support from the global hubs, Donna Gray, Operations Manager at Axess North Sea, supervises the business development in Scotland.

According to Ms. Gray, “The four-years contract with the global offshore drilling company is our focus now. The first two quarters of the year is doing positively well. We’re glad that our customers are being receptive and eager to listen.”  She added that Axess’ global presence, particularly in Norway, yields a competitive edge, as not all companies in Aberdeen are capable of extending their services in the Norwegian sea. The key competence of Axess North Sea is its Asset Integrity Management (AIM), Safe Lifting Gear Operations & Crane Maintenance, Modification and Replacement.

Donna Gray

Opportunities in Britain’s oil and gas sector

“The initial success of Axess in Aberdeen is attributed to the positive collaboration of Axess Group, working together as team despite this difficult period. Steep price competition is the main challenge, nevertheless, Axess addresses this smartly by being versatile.”, said Ms. Gray.

Leveraging its comprehensive planning capabilities and extensive experience gained on more than 300 installations worldwide, Axess Group can provide predictable costs while delivering utmost services and solutions.

Setting up the new office and building a strong team in Aberdeen is one of the priorities of Donna at present time. She said: “In the coming months, we are aiming to recruit an Operations Co-ordinator, Project Engineer, Technical Lead and Work Leaders. Managing our current contract, maintaining excellent customer relationships, and consistently discovering untapped markets are our primary focus to drive profitability.”

In the next couple of years, Axess North Sea aims to solidify existing contract expectations, increase brand recognition in Scotland and UK, build on the strong Norwegian customer base, and develop a plan for future market change.

Ms. Gray added, “Our long-term goals include nurturing our tier 1 customer base in the UK and focus on income improvement. We will also identify new customers and add them to our strong customer base.”

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