Material handling – the Axess way

Axess contributes in all phases of material handling processes on offshore rigs, and carries out thorough design reviews of the rig’s material handling design documentation. By involving Axess in the early phase of the rig design we identifies unpractical and unsuitable solutions which later could have a negative effect on the material handling and rig’s logistics.

Assist in all phases

Material handling can for the lifespan of an installation be roughly divided in the following main phases:

material handling the Axess way

Axess is assisting clients in all phases from design to decommissioning. Axess’ knowledge is that each phase follows the other and that the most cost effective method is to follow up and correct the material handling in all stages.

As a result of the large amount of information needed to comply with the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) requirements, Axess has developed a method for information gathering and presentation of the material handling.

Online material handling database

Good material handling plans not only helps to meet stringent regulatory requirements for the offshore industry. Well-oiled material handling systems is essential to reduce downtime and increase the economic margins. Axess unique method for developing and presentation of customer’s material handling plans is an important tool in this matter. We call it the Axess way.

Traditionally, material handling plans have been delivered as a fixed document. Axess has in order to fulfill the requirements given in Norsok R-002 developed an online material handling database for client use. This database does not only give the client easy access to the existing plans, but also gives the users a method for feedback and comments directly in the database. As a result the users can easily get an overview on eventually identified changes, challenges and comment in the plan.

Early involvement gives added value

The online database is a valuable tool to prevent incidents and maximise uptime and efficiency and to secure continuous improvements. The Axess model makes material handling more a complete development and maintenance tool instead of just reporting inspection findings.

According to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) all mobile installations on the Norwegian continental shelf must have a material handling plan and an overall philosophy on this field. The NORSOK standards provide guidelines for what these plans must include. These sets of regulations are all about facilitating work spaces and lifting devices that put efficiency and security in front. Axess recommends that material handling is included as an important part of the design and construction phases.

We experience that those customers who involves us in an early phase, for example in the planning of a new installation, gets added value. This contribute to safe handling of material and economical profit – as a result of minimum downtime and good planning in early phase.  A part from saving large amount of money for our clients on modifications and new installation this will contribute to better working environment on board, says Litlere.

The Axess material handling systems helps customers:

  • Secure reliable operations
  • Improve Health, safety and environment standards
  • Avoid downtime
  • Ensure compliance with national laws and regulations
  • Improve economic margins
  • Avoid damage on structure
  • Increase technical integrity

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