Integrity solutions as tools for productivity and safety

Over 50 percent of the oil and gas installations in the Norwegian sector have turned 20 years. This makes maintenance work an important tool in securing productivity and safe working conditions. To achieve maximum uptime and zero harm, the operators depend on competent and reliable partners who know their needs and their installations.

Axess’ deliver custom made world class integrity solutions. In close cooperation with our clients we are developing a plan and implement measures that will make the installation live longer, be more productive and even more important; safer.

In our company we are using the three C’s as leading stars for how we are working and how we are to be perceived by our customers; Competence, Continuity and Capacity.

Børge Gjeldvik


During 2012, Axess has been an important partner on 150 offshore installations worldwide. We have followed our customers abroad and have established the company in Singapore, Houston and Rio de Janeiro. The high competence we have gained from many years in the Norwegian market is well received by the international offshore and energy market. We have developed to become an international player and we can proudly state that we deliver world class integrity solutions.


In 2012 Axess had an absence rate due to sickness of two percent. This shows that our employees enjoy their jobs and are working in a safe manner. Our low absence rate and that few quits working in Axess makes us able to deliver continuity to our customers. We have several times experienced that our own employees know the rig’s better than the customers themselves. We think it is important that our employees know the customer and the installations well. That makes us a competent and predictable long term partner.


Axess is growing fast. In 1999 we were two hard working employees based in Molde. Today we have 260 highly skilled colleagues – mostly engineers. Our growth has always followed the demand in the market. Axess is an attractive company and we are doing well in the competition to attract the best engineer heads. However, we are working hard every day to develop our employees and provide them with challenges that make them stand out as the best at their work. To us capacity and competence are interdependent.  We do not deliver labor, we deliver competence.

By involving our Integrity Management services already in the planning of an installation errors are eliminated and we ensure that we find the best solutions before the asset is put in to operation. Our customers should know that we deliver complete TRIM (Total Rig Integrity Management) packages for the offshore and energy industry. In this issue of Axess Magazine you can read about our TRIM solutions and how they are adding value to our customers.

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