Thruster Replacement

Thruster replacements carried out offshore

Thrusters are a key component of Dynamic Positioning. As floating assets often operate in challenging subsea conditions, frequent replacements are required to ensure that they continue to function. Axess Group offers thruster replacement on all types of floating assets, such as FPSOs, FSOs, FLNGs and semi-submersible vessels.

Over the course of the last two decades, we have built an impressive track record of executing offshore thruster replacement projects, making Axess the preferred supplier for many energy companies. We understand the complexity of such critical operations and will advise our clients on solutions that best suit each specific case.

With a typical thruster weighing around 20 to 50 tonnes, thruster replacement is a complex and potentially hazardous operation.

Traditionally, floating assets are dry-docked to carry out the replacement of the thrusters. This is an exceptionally costly operation, taking into consideration all facets of the project, such as demobilisation of the asset, rental of the dry-dock facilities and the loss of operating revenue during replacement.

What we offer

Axess Group carries out thruster replacements offshore, thus removing the costs incurred from dry-docking. In addition, we save further costs by managing and executing the project from the asset itself, utilising smart Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) solutions and purpose-built lifting equipment. This removes the need for a Dive Support Vessel (DSV), Divers and/or an Inspection, Maintenance, Repair Vessel (IMR).

Typical services include:

  • Creation of a thruster replacement procedure, including lift planning and equipment listing
  • Revision of an existing thruster replacement procedure and optimisation of the methodology
  • Design of specialist equipment, lifting arrangements and/or winches which reduces or even removes the need for DSV, divers and/or an IMR vessel
  • Design, fabrication, procurement, testing and/or Enterprise of Competence certification of the lifting equipment
  • Interface management of involved suppliers and contractors
  • Complete project organisation onshore and offshore
  • Multi-discipline offshore operators selected according to project specifics, minimal impact on the bed space capacity offshore

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