Life Extension

Extending the lifespan of your offshore assets

Axess Group provides structural life extension services to increase the lifespan of offshore oil and gas installations worldwide.

The majority of offshore assets around the world have been operating for at least 25 years, which meant that they are now approaching or operating past the original intended duration. With the continued demand for oil and gas in the foreseeable future, there is an increasing need to extend their operational lifespan.

A fundamental part of any life extension process is the reinforcement and/or installation of new structural steel or piping in the platform jacket, such as:

  • Jacket bracings and other structural steel members;
  • Gangways, stairways, and platforms;
  • Conductor guide frames, well slots;
  • J- and I-tubes;
  • Risers and caissons;
  • Supports, clamps, and guides;
  • Riser guards and boat fenders.

What we offer

  • Rope Access team, both NS9600 and IRATA qualified
  • Asset integrity management and inspection services
  • Method and early phase concept assessment
  • Engineering, analyses and practical, installation focused structural design
  • Procurement, logistics planning and fabrication follow-up
  • Construction, installation, testing and certification
  • Platform-operated advanced lifting and rigging solutions
  • Specialised equipment
  • Enterprise of Competence, approval of lifting and suspension points

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