Construction and Installation

Providing a full range of construction and installation services to ensure optimal long-term production
Our construction expertise spans the full range of complexity seen in EPCI projects, from simple add-ons to full structures which will house the assets critical for oil production, whether these focus on building well foundations or repairs and upgrades of structures for jack-up rigs and semi-submersibles.

Installation entails setting up an asset’s prefabricated components, relying on modular construction. Often, a combination of both construction and installation is carried out to set up the asset for optimal long-term production, going smoothly from first oil toward maturing operations.

Construction and installation services

Our construction and installation services include the following and various other auxiliary services:
  • Installation of piping and production wellhead components
  • Fabrication of spools, flow line, drain line and VSD skid
  • Helideck engineering, construction and installation
  • Welding certified by ABS, advanced welding techniques, materials and consumables supply
  • Construction and installation of welding habitats
Welding - construction:
  • Welding procedures review
  • Welding pipelines repair and modification
  • Welding quality and control
  • Welding inspectors
  • Piping management and maintenance
  • Advanced rigging. Spools rigging alignment and installation, crane modifications
  • Jib crane / davit installation, knuckle boom crane cylinder replacement
  • Rigging and installation of Christmas trees
  • Thermal isolation packages – construction
  • PAGA system CCTV installation
  • Punch list review
Ensuring that construction advances optimally is paramount to fulfilling a project’s core goals, a successful hand-over, and final acceptance. Therefore, we closely oversee both cost and quality throughout the construction and installation phase so that issues do not evolve into problems. We issue monitoring reports to clients related to either crucial project milestones or set periods of time to so that they gain complete peace of mind.

Our multi-disciplined engineers and specialists safeguard that the client’s newly built installation meets the highest safety. Safety is at the center of our work, enabling us to deliver unequalled construction and installation services.

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