Thea Ophaug

Field Engineer
Bergen, Norway

A recent addition to the team, Thea likes to challenge herself at work. She enjoys hiking and cycling during her free time.

What have you learned since joining the company?
During my school days, I learnt of Axess and found it an exciting company, and indeed, it did not disappoint.

As someone with no prior practical experience offshore, these past few months have been challenging as the learning curve is steep. However, it is also exciting at the same time since I got to learn a lot. I went on various jobs offshore Norway, performing pipe inspections, ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) and more. On every job, I get the opportunity to further hone my skills.
(Photo: Thea on her first job for pipe inspection in 2021)
What is the best thing about working in Axess?
The people. Everyone is friendly and helpful, which creates a good working environment. Being part of a team helps me to see things from different perspectives. I also like that gender does not play a part in determining success here – we are all equally capable of performing our jobs well.
“Being part of a team helps me to see things from different perspectives.”
What do you hope to achieve in the company?
I hope to excel in my job through learning as much as I can from my colleagues and different work tasks. In future, I would like to explore career opportunities within the Group.
(Photo: Thea hiking at Lofoten)
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