Steffen Eriksson

Steffen Eriksson

Project Engineer
Stavanger, Norway

Steffen is an adventurous person who loves to challenge himself. His favourite outdoor activities include speedriding, kitesurfing, paragliding and salmon fishing.


What attracted you to join and remain in Axess?

Axess’ motto, “passion in life, passion at work”, caught my attention and resonated with me when I was looking for a job in 2021. I found this a great place to be since the company supports what I love to do, both at work and outside of work.

Axess recognises my interests and gives me the opportunity to pursue them. On top of my main responsibility, which is to manage NDT and EoC projects for a major client in Norway, I get to go offshore, help train people in drilling equipment (DREQ), develop our DREQ inspection service, and contribute to the rebuilding of Bridge’s NDT module.

How is it like being part of a global team?

I work with talented and helpful colleagues from countries such as South Africa, United States and United Kingdom. Despite our geographical distance, we are able to cooperate efficiently and share experiences, which is very important in helping us gain knowledge.

Axess recognises my interests and gives me the opportunity to pursue them.

What is the best thing about working in Axess?

I like that Axess is always looking ahead and developing innovative solutions. In addition, the company values work-life balance, and trusts employees to do their jobs well. I tend to accumulate many time off hours since I go offshore. If the weather is good and work is not too busy, I can take half a day off to pursue my hobbies. This is valuable since the weather is very unpredictable in Norway.

Steffen speedriding in Frafjord, Norway
(Photo: Steffen speedriding in Frafjord, Norway)
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