Moe Thida Lat

Senior Engineer, Singapore

Moe Thida Lat joined Axess in 2014, climbing the ranks from a Project Engineer to a Senior Engineer. She has been involved in multiple significant projects over the years. In her free time, she likes to travel and go hiking.

What was your journey like in Axess?
My journey in Axess is like a rollercoaster ride – thrilling and exciting. Here, I had the opportunity to communicate directly with clients and work on offshore platforms. Aside from developing technical skills to perform the job well, I also had the opportunity to hone soft skills such as intercultural communication, allowing me to work better with colleagues and clients from different countries.
(Photo: Moe on a semi-submersible rig)

What attracted you to join and remain in the company?
I was drawn by factors such as transparency, trust and open communication amongst all employees, regardless of hierarchy. Friendly and supportive colleagues helped to create a good working environment which enables me to perform well at work.

My journey in Axess is like a rollercoaster ride – thrilling and exciting.
How is it like being part of a global team?
I am very proud to be part of Axess. As a global company, we have an inclusive culture where all employees are treated equally and are able to voice out. Regardless of our cultural and gender differences, everyone is recognised for their efforts and given opportunities for professional development.

Despite being from the Singapore office, I had the opportunity to work in multiple locations in Asia and Europe, such as South Korea, Thailand and Norway. This allowed me to experience different cultures not just at work, but also outside of work.
(Photo: Moe hiked to the Seosaengpo Japanese Fortress at Ulsan, South Korea)
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