Jay Smith

Senior Project Manager
Perth, Australia

Jay has many years of experience working in the Oil & Gas industry. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and snorkelling.

What attracted you to join and remain in Axess?

I have been working in the Oil & Gas industry since 2015, with experience in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Drilling Equipment (DREQ) Inspection, Lifting Gear Inspection (LGI) and Rope Access.

During the peak of the downturn in 2017, I was looking for other opportunities within the industry. A close friend and now Project Manager in Axess North Sea was looking to put together a team for LGI on a rig. My exposure to Axess during that time made me realise this is a company that I want to stay with.

(Photo: Jay in an offshore project)

What was your journey like in Axess?

I started off as a Rope Access LGI – NDT Technician at Axess North Sea in 2019. I had a dream of working in other countries like Australia. As Axess was opening an office in Perth at that time, I was keen to seek new opportunities within the company. Upon completing a project, I obtained a working holiday visa and backpacked to Australia to realise that dream. COVID-19 struck and I decided to stay in Australia. I then saw an opening for a Project Manager role, which I swiftly applied for and was successful. I became a Senior Project Manager in 2022.

My goals are to take on an Operations Manager role, and keep the entity growing to become the go-to Asset Integrity and Engineering company in Australia.

Here, we feel like we are truly a part of a team and not just a number.
What is the best thing about working in Axess?

The work environment is enjoyable and flexible, and the company supports work-life balance. Here, we feel like we are truly a part of a team and not just a number.

(Photo: Jay playing golf)
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