Endiby Makope

Field Inspector
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Endiby is someone with a growth mindset who wants to realise his full potential in the company. Outside of work, he likes to go to the beach and ride a jet ski.

What do you find most meaningful about your role?
Since joining Axess in 2021, I am mainly involved in Lifting Gear Inspections (LGI), DROPS inspections and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). My responsibilities are to perform these tasks according to the company or client’s procedures and ensure that the client receives all the necessary inspection reports, records, and documentation regularly. It is a challenging role that enables me to develop my skillset by learning new things.

When I go offshore, I befriend people and share with them what Axess does, to generate new business opportunities. This is something that I find worthwhile.
(Photo: Endiby (middle) with colleagues at a shipyard)
What do you like about the culture in Axess?
At Axess, we are not just colleagues, but also friends. Personally, I come from Zimbabwe and I appreciate that we are all treated equally regardless of nationality. It keeps me motivated and makes me feel valued. I also like that we have a healthy work-life balance.
"It is a challenging role that enables me to develop my skillset by learning new things."
What do you hope to achieve in the company?
I hope to continue enhancing my skills and realise my full potential. With the ongoing professional development, I believe that I can continue to contribute to the growth and success of the company.
(Photo: Endiby in Egypt with colleagues)
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