Carlos Principal

Project Engineer
Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico

As a relatively new addition to the team, Carlos Principal is a highly motivated individual who is passionate about work and the great outdoors.

What attracted you to join and remain in Axess?
Growing up, I have been exposed to the oil and gas industry due to my dad’s job. I used to see the wells while travelling and I got interested in how energy is produced. When I started working here in 2020, I had the opportunity to learn and witness with my own eyes all the things that I have been curious about all my life. For example, I have participated in several projects, including wire rope testing and commissioning of an offshore installation.
(Photo: Carlos working on site)
What have you learned since joining the company?
While I have done internships in the past, this is my first full-time job. Since joining the company, I have grown both on a personal and professional level. Every time I want to start something new, or when I have something in mind that I want to propose, or even when something unexpected happens, our “We Values” serve as a motivation and a reminder that I can achieve the desired outcome.
"At Axess, I feel empowered and heard. Everyone in the team makes me feel like my opinion is important."
What is the best thing about working in Axess?
What I like the most about Axess is the people whom I work with. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by supportive colleagues who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with me. I also appreciate the friendship that we share outside of the office.

At Axess, I feel empowered and heard. Everyone in the team makes me feel like my opinion is important. Even as someone in a junior position, I get to participate in decision-making processes.
(Photo: Carlos kayaking in Ciudad del Carmen)
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