Q&A with Axess Summer Interns

At Axess, we aim to engage as many students as possible through summer internships and provide relevant assignments within the oil, energy, and infrastructure industry. During their 7-10 week stint with us, they are given a number exciting opportunities to learn about the industry and to share our passion for outdoor activities. 

You might be wondering, what is it like to participate in a summer internship program at Axess? We took some time for a  little Q&A to get a sneak peek into the culture of Axess as seen through the eyes of the young, smart, and sporty summer intern students, Henrik Brude and Morten Jørgensen. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Henrik: My name is Henrik Brude and I am 24 years old. I am currently studying my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). This is the second time I’m spending my summer in Molde, as an intern for Axess. In my spare time, I like to climb and mountain bike, and for that reason, the Molde office is a perfect location.

Morten: I am a sporty 24-year-old Norwegian. I just finished my bachelor thesis in Mechanical Engineering, and I plan to start my master’s degree this fall. I’m currently combining a sports career at the American Orienteering National Team with a summer internship at Axess.

How did you hear about Axess?

Henrik: My cousin who is working for Alpa told me about the summer internship in Axess. I thought it was interesting, so I applied shortly afterwards.

Morten: I had a good friend there as a summer intern, and he was happy with the people and their values. I kind of forgot about the company throughout the year, but the next spring, I met Magnus Fanghol who is working there. We talked about sports, education, etc., and a couple of days later, he said they might be looking for summer interns and wondered if I would like to come for a job interview.

Henrik Brude and Morten Jørgensen
Henrik Brude (left) and Morten Jørgensen (right) – two young summer interns of the Axess Engineering team

What do you do as an intern at Axess?

Henrik: As an intern in Axess, you have a lot of opportunities. Last year I had a wide range of tasks. I worked with management and engineering tasks, as well as some practical field work. As an engineer in Axess, you can follow your project all the way from the planning to the actual field execution. I find this combination interesting and wanted to see how it is to work in the field. This year, Axess gave me the opportunity to work offshore as a field engineer.

Morten: These first weeks, I have been part of a 5-man team working on a concept where we try to improve the Plug & Abandonment (P&A) process of old oil wells in the North Sea.

What is your impression of Axess’ culture?

Henrik: The learning environment at the office is very good and my colleagues are helpful and supportive. Molde is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and fjords, and the employees in Axess know how to utilise this through sports. There is a common passion for the region, which I think brings the employees together.

Morten: My first impression has been great. All the people I have met so far has been very welcoming and helpful. Combining work at Axess with a sports career has worked well for me so far.

Morten Jørgensen
Morten Jørgensen: World Championships 2017, Sprint QualificationWorldofO.com)

What do you enjoy most about what your internship experience at Axess?

Henrik: To be able to explore the oil and gas industry from both a theoretical and practical aspect.

Morten: Using the knowledge acquired in school to something useful together with a team of skillful engineers and great people.

How do you see the experience you are gaining here at Axess factoring into your future?

Henrik: The experience of cooperating as an engineering team towards a common goal is applicable in every project engineering job that might come next.

Morten: Having the experience to work with professional engineering team builds a solid base for anything the future might hold. If the world turns electric in 5 years, the knowledge acquired could be applied to all industries in need of a competent engineer.

Henrik Brude
Henrik Brude likes hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, and biking in his free time.

What has been the biggest learning experience for you here at Axess?

Henrik: My biggest learning experience has been my first offshore job at Åsgard A. As an engineering student it was exciting to get some hands-on experience and see how the jobs are executed offshore. My colleagues were experienced, and I learned a lot from them during my first job.

Morten: With the involvement in the Plug & Abandonment project I have learned a lot about how the drilling works, and what equipment is involved in the process. I have also acquired new techniques in 3D-modelling from the process.

What advice would you give to fellow students who are starting their first corporate work experience?

Henrik: Be interested and curious, and never say no to a challenge.

Morten: Get out there, have fun, be valuable, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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