Dropped Object Risk Management

New approach to effectively reducing dropped object risks

Client: International O&G operator
Industry: Oil and Gas
Asset: Production facilities, drilling rigs, etc.
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Year: 2014


An oil and gas operator had challenges addressing and mitigating dropped object risks on their offshore facilities.

Multiple in-house campaign efforts had been carried out to meet this risk, but the frequency and seriousness of reported dropped objects remained extensive.

Existing measures available on the market were deemed insufficient and ineffective in addressing the challenge. A new approach was required and Axess was asked to design and implement a solution.


Axess compiled a team of experienced engineers and designed an approach to deal with the client’s dropped objects related challenges. The first phase of the project involved a thorough data collection exercise. All existing measures and programs were reviewed, quantitative datasets were collected, and the management and offshore operational crew were interviewed.

Following the data collection process, an assessment and analysis phase was conducted to expand the understanding of dropped object causes and to determine why existing barriers were not effective. Hypotheses were developed and tested. Multiple contributing causes were found, of which the main findings were related to human factors. Based on these findings, and in dialogue with the client, new targeted measures were established. KPIs, training programs, monitoring tools and procedures were developed, scheduled, and implemented both within the on- and offshore organisations.


The solution was well received by the client and the involved parties. It resulted in an increased awareness and understanding of the deeper underlying causes of dropped objects on their facilities, which led to an improved control framework and more effective mitigation measures.

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