Axess Group wins substantial infrastructure project

Bane NOR, state-owned Norwegian railway infrastructure agency, has awarded Quality Control (QC) contract to Axess Group for the new railway double track to be built between Venjar and Langset in Eidsvoll, Norway.

Axess QC will represent Bane NOR in ensuring the quality of the design, fabrication, and assembly of steel, welding, and coating for the entire project development. Some of the key work scopes include client representation and inspections on site, supervision of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) testing, FAT witnessing and follow-up, and assessment of production standards and specifications.

The new railway track is approximately 13km long, which consists of 8 railway bridges, several operating path bridges and culverts, soft-soil tunnel, and the longest railway bridge in Norway, the Minnevika bridge (836m).

Anita Auseth, Operations Manager QC, said: “This contract is an important step for the Axess Group, working towards larger market segments outside the oil & gas industry. It allows us to develop our rapidly rising expertise within the public road- and railway sector, and to demonstrate our competency within materials, welding and coating technology.”

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